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What if the landlord requires the deposit?

Collecting the classic (refundable) deposit is possible on Flatio for rentals from 180 days - however, the landlord must have set that deposit in his Flatio web application, the collection of the deposit for this duration of the lease is not automatic. If the landlord requires a deposit, you will see its amount directly in the reservation request section (after entering the date of moving in and out) before creating the reservation request. Then in the first and third step of the reservation request process and in the lease agreement. The deposit is payable to Flatio's bank account on the day of the beginning of the lease agreement (usually the day of moving in), and you can pay it conveniently from the My Housing application. Read more about how to proceed in this case in the article here.

If you are required to pay a (refundable) deposit even for rentals shorter than 180 days, which is not systemically possible at Flatio, do not pay the deposit to the landlord and immediately inform Flatio customer support! The landlord who requires a deposit for rentals shorter than 180 days violates the General terms and conditions of Flatio and may be disabled from advertising.

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