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Олександр К. Tenant
Удобство, цены за квартиры которые предлагаете, дизайн) Пока очень доволен)
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25.03.2023 Warschau
Adam L. Tenant
Works well, well designed ui and ux, five an affordable apartment for a short let 14 days which is what we needed.
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25.03.2023 Sevilla
Brandon H. Tenant
The user interface is very straightforward and is very well suited to students looking for summer housing.
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25.03.2023 Prag
Casey D. Tenant
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21.03.2023 Prag
Pavel D. Tenant
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24.03.2023 Prag
Niklas N. Tenant
Affordable, safe
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24.03.2023 Budapest
Kimberly L. Tenant
The flexibility and easy to use platform.
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24.03.2023 Lissabon
Olena I. Tenant
Прекрасный выбор. Красивое и удобное знакомство с квартирой.
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22.02.2023 Prag
Beatriz R. Tenant
Boas casasa
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23.03.2023 Ponta Delgada
João C. Tenant
A frontalidade
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23.03.2023 Lagos
Monika B. Tenant
filter, prehladnosť ponuky
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23.03.2023 Prag
Ruslan V. Tenant
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23.03.2023 Lissabon
José F. Landlord
Need a good APP
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22.03.2023 Paço de Arcos
Adrian B. Tenant
A lot of options, and many of the landlords are locals (not russian and chinese oligarchs who buy flats in bulk and drive up rentals for everyone else)
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22.03.2023 Prag
Matheo D. Tenant
The site and thé advice
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22.03.2023 Prag
Chantal-Louise G. Tenant
Nice place to stay
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22.03.2023 Prag
Vika A. Tenant
The good description of apartments The price.
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22.03.2023 Budapest
Kristy K. Tenant
Ease of use
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22.03.2023 Prag
Ivan K. Tenant
Nemám žádné skusenost, jak je nabydu rád doporučím
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21.03.2023 Pantin
Marcos C. Tenant
The fact that Flatio cares about getting to know who rents their places makes me feel like they care.
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21.03.2023 Peniche
Ainhoa S. Tenant
Estoy a la espera a ver si son rápidos y ponen en contacto con el pripietario
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21.03.2023 Ibiza
Emiel Z. Tenant
First time user of Flatio and have a positive feeling from it. I've had some issues finding a good landlord, but when I found them it was all quite easy to manage the appartment, payments and exchange of information. I was able to keep in touch with the landlord through the messaging system. Updating and extending the lease contracts was just as easy.
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20.03.2023 Porto
Alison F. Tenant
Easy access
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20.03.2023 Rom
Наталя М. Tenant
Виглядає зручно
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20.03.2023 Prag