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Experience a new level of safety
for landlords

Rental Insurance for Landlords - Powered by AXA

Flatio is partnering with AXA to provide landlords with comprehensive coverage that includes liability insurance, assistance services, and legal protection, along with quick case settlement and 24/7 online support.

7 days a week support

From listing your property to finalizing leases, we're with you at every step. Our team is always available to assist, guide, and ensure a seamless renting process. All requests resolved within 24 hours.

Upfront payments

With Flatio, tenants pay rents upfront, so you never have to worry about unpaid rents. It's an added layer of financial security you can count on.

Ready-made lease agreement

You are protected by Flatio's landlord-friendly lease agreement in 7 languages designed for flexible stays. They are automatically generated and ready for one click signing. Securely saved in your profile.

Tenant risk warning

You can check tenant credibility by checking reviews from previous stays, double check tenant credentials from their personal document.

Rental Insurance for Landlords - Powered by AXA

What’s in it for you? A whole lot!

Property damage
Dog/Cat damages
Damage caused to another person
Loss of income
Limit €20,000 per lease
Extermination, pest control, and disinfection
Door and lock jamming
Repair of household appliances
Limit €500 per lease
Limit €1,000 per lease
2 hours for free per lease

Unique Rental Insurance in the market developed by Flatio with AXA

Quick and effective case settlement within max. 30 days, and to make your experience smoother, AXA Assistance provides 24/7 online support. With Flatio, you're never alone in your landlord journey!

Free of charge for all stays that do not require a deposit.

Perfect complement with home and property insurance

Home insurance, property insurance, and Rental Insurance by AXA all help protect your property, each in different ways. Rental Insurance specifically covers issues during the rental process, not just property damage. Combined, they offer complete protection for your property.

Property insurance (not provided by Flatio)
Physical structure of a building (apartment, house) and its walls, roof and floors
Damage/loss caused by fire, explosion, flood, earthquake, vandalism, etc.
Repairs or restoration of the property
Rental insurance
provided by Flatio
Damage of your property and it’s structure (e.g. walls, floors) in connection with rental
Loss or damage of your property’s content (e.g. a TV) during a rental; liability of tenant for damages
Assistance services resolving an emergency situation in your property (plumber, heating engineer, gas fitter, electrician, appliance repair technician)
IT assistance for internet connection issues
Blocked-up door or lost keys
Loss of future income (up to 2 months)
Home insurance (not provided by Flatio)
Content of your property (furniture, appliances, clothing, personal belongings)
Theft, fire, flood, vandalism
Liability coverage (damage to another person's property or health)
Replacement of lost or damaged items

You can read all about the specifications of the insurance in our Help Center.


What is Rental Insurance for Landlords - Powered by AXA?

Flatio's Rental Insurance for Landlords is a coverage backed by AXA, one of the top 5 global insurance giants.

Our liability insurance plan goes beyond regular property damage, with extensive coverage including liability for pet mischief, accidental damage caused to another person, and even loss of income due to tenant-induced issues.

But that's not all! We've got a helping hand ready with assistance services for household repairs, pest control, lock issues, appliance breakdowns, and even IT troubles. We also provide legal protection and 24/7 online support, making sure that you have trusted assistance at your fingertips whenever you need it.

Just remember, our Rental Insurance works hand in hand with your home and property insurance, complementing them to weave a comprehensive safety blanket around your property.

Is Rental Insurance for Landlords free?

Absolutely! One of the fantastic features of our Rental Insurance for Landlords is that it is indeed offered completely free of charge!

Are all rentals, even those requiring a deposit, covered by Flatio's Rental Insurance?

All reservations made via Flatio that don't require a deposit are automatically covered by our free rental insurance. Only those reservations that require a deposit can’t be insured, given the deposit itself acts as a form of protection.

Rental Insurance is available in all countries worldwide.

How does Rental Insurance for Landlords interact with my home or property insurance?

Flatio's Rental Insurance for Landlords is designed to complement, not replace, your personal home or property insurance. Your personal insurance typically covers general scenarios such as natural disasters and theft. In contrast, rental insurance targets specific situations arising from the rental process.

Our Rental Insurance provides specialized coverage for aspects like accidental property damage, pet-caused damage, damage to another person, and loss of income due to tenant-caused damage. Additionally, it offers insurance of assistance services for instances of disrepair, pest control, lock jamming, appliance repair, and IT assistance, as well as legal protection insurance for any tenant-related disputes.

Together with your personal insurance, our Rental Insurance creates a comprehensive safety blanket for your property, ensuring a secure, streamlined, and worry-free rental experience.

What is excluded from the Rental Insurance?

Flatio’s Rental Insurance for Landlords excludes certain circumstances from coverage. Some of the specific exclusions are:

  • Damages that were foreseeable or known at the time the insurance was taken out: These are damages that could have been reasonably predicted or were already known when the Rental Insurance was activated. An example of this could be an existing leak in the roof that wasn't repaired, which subsequently leads to water damage in the property.
  • Damage caused by gradual or long-term processes: These are damages that occur over an extended period of time and are typically not sudden or accidental. A classic example of this is the growth of mold, which can happen due to persistent dampness or humidity over a period of months or years.
  • Wear and Tear: Damages caused by normal use or wear and tear.
  • Damage in Common Areas: Damages that occur in common areas of apartment buildings and multi-unit properties, such as hallways, stairways, shared attics, and basements.
  • Damage to Cash, Art, and Valuables: The insurance does not cover loss of or damage to cash, artwork, and other valuable items.
  • Cleaning Costs: Even though cleaning in general is insurable, AXA can provide legal assistance to help you get the tenant to pay for cleaning.

Also, please note that coverage of assistance services related to household appliances have specific conditions. Specifically, they must be less than 7 years old and the minimum price at the time of purchase must be €100.

For more information and examples, see this Help Center article.

How can I claim compensation or other benefits from AXA?

You can claim the Rental Insurance through a form in the My Rentals app that can be found in the agreement detail in section Tenants, or contact AXA Assistance directly by phone or email.

In any case, communication takes place directly between the landlord and AXA. Their support is available 24/7, and each case is resolved within a maximum of 30 days.

The reimbursements are also handled directly by AXA.

How long does it take to get compensation from AXA?

Once your claim has been fully submitted, AXA strives to provide resolution within a maximum of 30 days. If approved, the compensation will then be sent within 14 days following the case closing date. This policy is part of their commitment to quick and effective case resolution.

Please remember, this timeline might vary depending on the complexity of your case and the completeness of the information provided. That's why we recommend that you share as much information as possible when submitting your case.

Can tenants use Rental Insurance too?

Yes, even your tenants do benefit from Flatio Rental Insurance. While it's specifically designed for landlords, most of the services extend to tenants. This means if a hiccup occurs during their stay, they can deal with AXA directly, saving you the headache.

However, tenants do not have access to the legal protection aspect of the insurance, which is strictly for landlords.

Upfront payments

Upfront payments

With Flatio, we've taken a proactive approach to financial security - all rents are paid in advance, meaning you never have to worry about tenants staying in your property for free. Our upfront payment policy ensures that you always have the financial peace of mind you deserve as a landlord since we ensure that your property is always occupied under the right terms.

Experience the Flatio difference where advanced rent payments, financial security, and legality intertwine, offering you a stress-free and confident leasing journey.

Tenant risk warning

We understand the importance of trust, which is why we've implemented features that allow you to easily verify tenant credibility. You always get insights from past experiences with our review system, allowing you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your potential tenants through feedback from their previous stays.

But we don't stop there. To add another layer of assurance, we provide the option to cross-check tenant credentials using their personal documents. This ensures that the information provided by the tenant is legitimate and you're dealing with a reliable individual.

With these tools at your disposal, you can rest easy knowing you're equipped to make an informed decision about your next tenant. At Flatio, we strive to create a safe and trustworthy leasing environment, ensuring peace of mind for landlords every step of the way.

Tenant risk warning
Ready-made lease agreement

Ready-made lease agreement

Your protection is our top priority, which is why we offer a landlord-friendly lease agreement in 7 diverse languages (English, Czech, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian, German, and Polish). We make certain that in every country, the lease agreement is readily available in both the local language and English for the utmost convenience and clarity. Our lease is designed with the global citizen in mind, facilitating flexible stays no matter where you or your tenants come from.

On top of it, you can forget the stress of paperwork and legal intricacies. Our agreement is generated automatically and can be signed with a single click! What's more, the agreement is always securely stored in your profile, giving you easy access whenever you need it.

7 days a week support

From listing your property to finalizing leases, our dedicated team is at your side, ready to make your journey effortless. With dedicated support in multiple languages, we promise to resolve all your queries within 24 hours at latest, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.

7 days a week support
Choose Flatio and feel the difference!

At Flatio, we don't just offer rental insurance. We provide peace of mind, ease, and flexibility in every aspect of the rental process.

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